How To Make Mommy Friends You Like!

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Being a mom, it’s your job to make friends for your little ones. Not to mention, how fun to make new mommy friends. WRONG.

Making friends for your kid is one thing, but hoping their new friends have parents that like a glass of wine at night along with drinking endless amounts of coffee is a must.

You start to realize around the age of 6 months that your baby needs to have friends. Sigh.

Sitting at home with your child under a play gym doesn’t cut it. Not to mention at this point, you will want to pull your hair out. You need adult time, and someone to vent to.

Singing songs all day and talking baby talk starts to feel like you may need to be checked into a mental ward.

Is it me, or when my husband calls around nap time I just start rambling on about nothing. I just need to talk to an adult that talks back.

You may think you can vent to your husband, but they will not understand you at this point. They don’t’ want to hear about your nightly feedings, your hair loss with hormones, or what you feel like you’re missing.

Here’s the kicker. Babies don’t’ make friends. CRAP!

So if you are a recluse, home body, or not a fan of making new friends. You are an in a world of trouble. Babies don’t meet friends at school, on their own, or at soccer. They are helpless, and we need to make friends so they can have play dates. That’s a thought.

stock-illustration-16336305-two-women-talkingHere’s where MY advice comes in.

When it’s time to meet friends, you start to feel like you are dating, and you are checking the scene where ever you go. Pretend your scene is the park.

You see a kid your child’s age, and you decide to go for the kill. FYI; The kill is their mother if you are wondering. You start talking to them about kids, and then motherhood, and then next thing you know you have your phone out, and you are exchanging numbers.

You met a friend, congratulations!

It becomes a dating situation. Let me cut to the chase. If the parents suck, then there is no way you can have a playdate. You must click with the parents before the playdates happen. First impressions are everything, and if you can have a conversation with the parents, then you can have a playdate. So in reality, you have to go on a few playdates before you can commit to the relationship.

imagesThe best place to meet mamas at is a park.

Hands down easiest place and your kiddos get to play and have fun. It’s like a bar; it’s filled with prospects.

It starts to feel like you are in school all over again. You need to find your circle of mommy friends; you need to find who you click with, and you need to find kids around the age of your child.

It’s tough, trust me.

Play groups, libraries, and mommy and me classes are also great meeting places.

I also stumbled upon a site called Hello Mama; it’s the dating website for mothers. You can schedule meetups, and find a mommy friend all at your fingertips! What a great idea.

I met a mom at a park six months ago. She had a little girl around Anniston’s age. I approached her, and we talked the whole time. Exchanged numbers and now we are good friends. We added a couple of other mothers to our circle that have little ones our kids age.

We hang out most weeks, and now we are getting our husbands together for lunches and happy hours!

It becomes your new circle. Trust me I still have my old circle. But when you have kids that are maybe going through teething, potty training, and timeouts all at the same time. It feels good to have a mom a phone call away, or you can text at 10 pm at night to ask questions.

If you are on your couch right now and realizing you don’t have any mommy friends, then get your kid in the car and start working those parks. Get yourself out, and the good news is you can still wear your yoga pants because you will scream MOMMY!

Good luck on the mommy dating scene!

  • Chelsea
    February 7, 2016

    I was just telling a friend who is about to be a new mom some of these tips… I’m going to forward this post to her, thank you!

    • Mama Megan
      February 8, 2016

      Oh good! Yes, she will want to read this one. Mom friends are a MUST!!

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