A Truth Teller is a mom who isn’t afraid to be honest. A mom with a story to tell. A mom who is willing to share her story with other moms who get it. A mom who is generous, courageous, open, loving and truthful.


Truth Teller rules:

TMET-Small-HeartStories must be honest and truthful (obviously, right?)

TMET-Small-HeartReaders may not judge, only support other moms. Everyone has a mommy battle, no matter the size.

TMET-Small-HeartYou must be open to having your story told.


Here’s the simple breakdown of how it works:

We contact you after you’ve been nominated (or after you’ve reached out to us with interest in having your story told) and get to know you a bit to figure out your mommy story. Megan will write up an introduction to your “Truth Teller” post and the details of your story. The write up and extended interview questions will be sent over to you for review. Your job is to review the story, answer the questions, send us a photo of you and your kid(s), and nominate another mom to tell her story! Please remember to get in touch with them first and get approval for us to contact them. After you’ve completed those things and returned them to us (we ask for the pieces to be returned within 10 days), we can provide you with a date for your story to publish! When it publishes, we ask you to share the link and share your story.

Please remember that when you participate as a Truth Teller, you grant us the rights to share your story (including names, dates, photos, etc.) on this site, social media and other publications. Mothers and/or nominators do not receive any compensation for photos submitted, posted stories, content provided, etc. and/or republications of stories.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us.

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