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Meet Mama Brittany

Brittany is a mother to two boys, wife, and a blogger. She shares about her multi cultural family, her husband traveling for work, & her son’s health scare. Read her journey here.




Meet Mama Shirri

Shirri is a wife and mother to two cuties. She had her oldest son and then met her now husband. They had a hard time getting pregnant and she talks about her emotions during this difficult time. She is learning to put her husband first and her children second. Read her journey here.



Meet Mama Bessy

Bessy is a mother to two little boys. She tells her story of having the perfect pregnancy with her first child, to having a horrific second birth. She is still dealing with PTSD. Plus she talks about her oldest son and his diagnosis of Autism. Read her story, and how she knew her son was regressing and their typical day dealing with autism. Read her journey here.





Meet Mama Kari

Kari is a mum to her little boy Luca. She currently lives in Australia. She talks about almost loosing her baby, difficulty with breastfeeding, and her postpartum body she is trying to love. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Kerry

She is a mother to two children, and life didn’t happen like she thought. She discusses her births, attachement parenting, and how life is with two children.  Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Christie

She wasn’t sure she wanted children. She cried for three weeks when her first was born. But then this mama learned to love. She loved so much she now has 4 children. She has one child with a heart condition. She talks openly about the pain, and the craziness of her bountiful house. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Darcy

She is a mother to 4 children. She has had a miscarriage, IVF, adoption, and got pregnant naturally. Her story shares her twists and turns, and she describes an everyday schedule she has with 4 children. Read her journey here.




Mama Joelle

She was married than divorced. Her husband had just lost his wife. With fate, they reconnected after going to junior prom together years later. Now they are a blended family and have a little boy of their own. She talks about her motherhood, parenthood, and the lessons learned. Read her journey here.



Meet Mama Stephanie

She is a mother, a blogger, and a wife. She opens up about her eating disorder she struggled with for years. Today her goal is to set an example to her children and teach them how to be healthy. Read her journey here.





Meet Mama Fran

Fran is a mother of two little cutie pies. But she has encountered loss of a baby, and she used her faith to keep moving on. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Jaana

She is a rad mother. It wasn’t always butterflies and roses, and she talks about her son Stevie (who you will fall in love with). He was born with a congential heart defect, and Jaana has times that are tough, and parenthood has it’s up’s and downs. Read her journey here.



Meet Mama Ashley

She has been through it all. She has been a young mother, single mother, wife, c-sections, and now post partum depression. Her story is inspiring. Read her journey here.




Meet Mama Megan 

Mama Megan shares her raw look into divorce, being a single mother, having 2 children, and having a colic baby! She doesn’t leave anything out. Read her journey here.








Meet Mama Ashley

Mama Ashley found out she was pregnant in the far lands of Bali, four expired pregnancy test later it was her entry into motherhood. She describes her journey, and the amazing experience of natural child birth. Read her journey here.





Meet Mama Heidi

Mama Heidi has been a mother for 18 years, she has three beautiful children. She talks about the lessons she has learned, and how she has laughed, cried, and felt everything for her children. Read her journey here.


Lisa and Clint Hospital


Meet Mama Lisa

Lisa is a mother to three little boys and an engineer, so you can imagine she has her hands full. She talks about how she juggles it all, with a husband that travels all the time. Read her journey here.





Meet Mama Nerida

Nerida is a mother to two little boys, a teacher, and a wife. She talks about her difficulty with breastfeeding, her son’s speech struggles, and how she felt a little overwhelmed after having a baby. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Kristen

If you think you have your hands full, read Mama Kristen’s story. She had her daughter at 21, and raised her all while navigating through life. Met the love of her life and had a little girl, and much to their surprise got pregnant again with twin boys. She talks about how she does it all, and her journey to motherhood. Read her journey here.




Meet Mama Jess

Jess is a new mother to her adorable daughter. She talks about how it took her a few years to get pregnant. Then one unexpected night she saw the line on a pregnancy test and her life changed. Her words speak the truth, and are relatable to any new moms. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Annie

Annie is a mother to two little boys, but is also a mother to a little boy in heaven. When she was 38 weeks pregnant she lost her baby named Cherub. Her mother journey includes the loss of her child, a home birth, and a c-section.  She shares her courageous motherhood journey here.



Meet Mama Kinsey

Mama Kinsey is a mother to two little girls. She has also experienced the loss of her own mother, working a 40 hour week, and is team mom for her daughters soccer team. She shares her story and shows her strength through the hardest days. Being a working mom, she has her struggles and but she gets through it all. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Jocelyn

Mama Jocelyn has 3 children, works, and goes to school to be a nurse. Not to mention has a house to clean, homework, kid duties, and a husband to tend to on a daily basis. Her plate may be full, but she gets it all done. Read her journey here.




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Meet Mama Christie

Christie is a mother to her little girl Lyla who is the light of her life. She struggled to see a positive pregnancy test for years. She talks about her struggle and how she told herself she would never give up! Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Lauren

Lauren is a mother to a little boy and her step son. She talks about her struggles getting pregnant, and her busy day to day life. She also parents her step son, and shares with us how she became a mother to him at an early age. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Anna

Mama Anna is a mother to two little ones, travels the world with her kids in toe, and is in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethopia. She shares her story of motherhood, but also the journey and steps to adopting. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Jennifer

Jennifer is a mother to three little girls, works 50 hours a week, her husband is gone all the time because he’s a fireman, and she barely has help. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Sarah

A mother of three young girls under the age of 5, and certified as a birth doula and educator. She gives her advice on having three littles, and her thoughts on giving birth at home vs in a hospital. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Casey H.

Casey just became a mother this year, and she tells us all about her thoughts on birth. We all can relate, plus what she feels like motherhood is to her and her advice to a first time mom. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Casey D

Casey is a mother to her two little ones, and is married to her husband who is a fireman. Most days she is doing everything on her own, and she talks about what she misses when her husband is gone. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Chrissy

Mama Chrissy became a parent when she married her husband Troy. She is now a step mom to a 5 year old cutie. She talks about how she met her husband, and the whole world behind being a step mom. She will have you laugh, and brings up every topic behind what her journey has brought her. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Sarah

Sarah is a mother to three little boys. She had her first little boy at 19 years old. She is a full time working mother, volunteers as a soccer coach, and has a husband in school. She is a rockstar, juggling the daily life of being a mother. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Katie-Lake

A mother of two little ones. She lost her father at a young age, met her husband who has helped her through the hard times, and has had to deal with diabetes every day. This mama shares her struggles, her strengths, and the gifts her children have given her. Read her journey here.






Meet Mama Jamie

A mother of a little boy and girl, who lives in the east coast with her husband. She talks about her journey of  once being a single mother, her daughters childhood cancer, and what she wishes for her children.  She tells her story in her own words. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Starr

Starr is a mother of 3 beautiful children, she talks about her role as a mother and what she tries to teach them all day and everyday. She talks about her fears, and what she learns from these beautiful souls on a daily basis. Read her journey here.





Meet Mama Samantha

Samantha is a mother to her 2 year old son, drives everyday for over an hour to her teaching job, to then drive home and be a mom, wife, and a friend. She talks about her story of juggling it all. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Nicole

Nicole is a mom to her little boy Jayce, a newborn baby, and step mom to 2 little boys. She lives in a house with 4 boys, and she tells us how she over comes the chaos, and her goals for their future. Read her journey here.








Meet Mama Ashley

Ashley is a mother of a 9 year old little boy Joel who she had in her teens. Nine years later, she welcomed her almost 1 year old little girl Teagan. She married her husband after Joel was born, and they weathered a few storms, to finally see the sun at the end. Read her journey here.







Meet Mama Stephanie

Stephanie is a mother of 2 beautiful children, with her husband Brian. Her son Cody’s first year has been tough, he was born with what’s called a tracheo-esophageal fistula. Cody’s esophagus was attached to his trachea rather than his stomach. She spends her days making sure he doesn’t put anything in his mouth, making him food that is small enough for him to eat, all while bringing Taylor to play dates and school. She’s a rockstar mom and read her journey here.





Meet Mama Amira

Amira is a mama to a little boy and girl, and a stay at home mommy. Plus, on a daily basis she is trying to keep her son safe who has a severe nut allergy. Learn how she found out he had a nut allergy, and how she quit her high corporate job to stay home with her kiddos. Check out her journey here.







Meet Mama Shannan

Shannan is a mama to 3 beautiful daughters, ranging in age from almost 1- years old-4 -years old. She is a stay at mommy, who has learned that spending time for herself is limited but needed. The girls are her world, and learn what she hopes they learn from her one day. Check out her journey here.







Meet Mama Dianna

Dianna is a mama of 2 beautiful children Maddison and Grayson, and married to an amazing husband Jesse. Learn how she encountered loss of a child, and her advice to other mothers. Check out her journey here.




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 Meet Mama Candace

Candace is a single mama to her daughter Pressley, she has her challenges everyday doing everything on her own. Pressley is a witty, lovable, and smart 7 year old. Learn how Candace takes on the challenges by herself, and how much her daughter means to her. Check out her journey here.





Meet Mama Lauren

Lauren is mama to her daughter Ryan, started a gym called 34 North, and makes “Lo’s Nut butter” all in a days work. See how she began this journey called motherhood, and learn some of her favorite recipes that she post on her Instagram @Myfitkitchen. Check out her journey here.






Meet Mama MThe Mother Effin Truth - Meet Mama Meganegan

Megan is the creator of The Mother Effin Truth blog. She is a  step mother to eight year old Ethan, and mama to 1 year old Anniston. She is a stay at home mom who juggles motherhood, playdates, grocery shopping, running the house, and now creating a mommy tribe with her blog. Come check out her journey here!