My 5 Favorite Trader Joe’s Items This Summer + Recipes!

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As you all know, I’m a frequent shopper at my local Trader Joe’s. I go once a week and pile high my goodies and cook for my family most weeks- five nights. I’m always looking for new recipes and new items that can help not bore my family with the same old dinners.

So this summer here’s a some of my favorite recipes that I have been cooking up in my kitchen!

First off who doesn’t love corn in the summer! I have been obsessed with corn salsa lately. Not the jar kind, I make my own.

I top it on tacos, grilled chicken, burgers, and salads. Easy, healthy, and full of flavor.

organicsupersweetcutcornTo make it easy I use TJ’s Organic frozen corn or you can grab some yummy corn on the cob and cook or grill it.


Throw  cooked corn in a bowl, one can of black beans; cherry tomatoes cut in half (half a container), cilantro, one avocado (cubed), red onion,cumin, sea salt, and juice of 3 limes, olive oil. Toss and let it sit to absorb the juices. Done.


71443029181water-melonWatermelon. I could eat a whole watermelon, and I may look like one when I’m done. Hands down my favorite fruit EVERY summer. My sister just came over for the 4th of July and made a watermelon salad. She took it to a whole nother level.


Cubed Watermelon, cucumbers, mint, red onion, feta cheese, lemon, salt, and then drizzle TJ’s Balsamic glaze.

So good for a side dish, with a burger or steak, or just by itself.

94470-salad-butter-lettuceButter lettuce from TJ’s has been my go to lettuce for all my salads. Whether I’m eating a salad for lunch or when I do a burger salad for dinner. This lettuce to me is just not too rough but crispy and light.

My favorite salad for lunch lately is….


Butter lettuce, sliced turkey, feta cheese, artichokes (canned) and seperated into pieces or chopped, sliced black olives, cucumbers sliced, cherry tomatoes, oregano sprinkled, sea salt, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.


Pretty much a Greek salad, and it’s filling but light at the same time. Everything is from TJ’s!

IMG_0797Sweet potatoes have just gotten easier to cook. TJ’s decided to have them cut and ready to go for all of us. Hell yeah! I buy two packages and have them made up for a side dish. If I have leftovers, I cook an egg and put it on top of the potatoes.


Put a big tablespoon (or more) of Coconut oil in a heated pan. Toss in your packages of sweet potatoes, sprinkle a good helping of sea salt and cook on medium. Get them kind of crispy. My family is a fan, and it’s not hard to do.

This ultimate favorite of mine is not one I cook but a sweet I sneak from time to time. Let’s just say 56789-mango-cream-ice-creamthose late nights watching TV alone can sometimes have me sneaking bites of dessert. So when I discovered TJ’s new mango ice cream, I felt like I died and went to heaven.

You have to try it and trust me it will not disappoint. Unless you hate mango.
Enjoy cooking this summer, but don’t slave away. Have fun making memories. I know I am.

If you have a yummy summer recipe and want to share, please contact me.

Cheers mamas!

Side note: This was not promoted or sponsored by Trader Joes. I just love Trader Joes that much. HA!


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