Bye-Bye Boring Lunches: Four Ways to Freshen up Your Kid’s Lunch

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Have you been noticing more and more uneaten food returning in your kid’s lunchbox? Perhaps you’re hearing more complaining about lunch, or more requests to purchase lunch at school. If so, I’m here to save your sanity! Girl, I’ve been where you are. Lucky for you, I’ve learned a few tried and true tricks to freshen up my kid’s lunchboxes now and then. Here are four of my favorites:

Image-106Make Minis – Mini anything seems to have an awe-inducing power over kids. If your kids enjoy wraps, slice them thin and you have mini spirals. Sandwiches are suddenly super fun when shrunk down and served as kabobs.

Image-103Build Your Own – Kids love feeling like they are in charge, build your own lunches allow for just that. Let your little one take the lead by packing build-your-own mini pizza bagels, or cracker stackers with meat cheese and crackers.  Fruit or veggies with dip are a fun side, too!


Think Outside The Crust – Lunch doesn’t have to always be the same old boring sandwiches. (Breakfast for lunch is a favorite at our house!) Brainstorm some breakfast or dinnertime favorites; leftovers can be a fun lunch surprise.

Image-105Include The Kids – One of my favorite things to do each week is log on to Pinterest and browse through lunch ideas with my 7 and 9 year olds. I like to let them take the lead and give me the new ideas. Truth is, they’re more likely to eat something they chose. We also fill out their weekly lunch planners together, which is a great visual to have!


There you have it!

I hope by using these tips you’ll hear less complaints and see more smiles. Packing lunches shouldn’t be stressful (buuuut we all know that’s not always the case!)

I’m wishing you a stress free lunch packing season, and if you have any tips that you find helpful for overcoming the lunchbox boredom, I’d love to hear them!

You can download my free Learn To Lunch guide (with menus and printables) at, or visit the blog at for new ideas!


  • Courtney Blanco
    February 21, 2016

    Fantastic ideas!

  • Dawn Casey-Rowe
    April 21, 2016

    I love bento. And this is a great post. I have a mutant child who cannot be fooled by cute, shaped, character-friendly, or mini. But… I love this, so forget him. Let him eat toast. I’ll make a bento… for me! –Dawn

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