Why I Decided To Start “The Mom Capsule”

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Let me first say, I love and feel lucky to have been home with my child for over two years. I have embraced motherhood, and it has changed me as a person.

To stay at home with my child has been a blessing and I wouldn’t change it for the world. But, and that’s a big BUT, I need more.

I’m ok to admit it. I’m ok to remind myself it’s fine to have these feelings. It’s ok to want more for my family and me. If I’m happy with myself, my family will be happier too.

The first year of motherhood, I was on a cloud. My head was barely floating, and I was entirely sinking my whole self into my children. I sacrificed a TON. I lost myself in my kids; I became there EVERYTHING.

My sleep was on hold, my body was on hold, my fun was on hold, my ambitions were on hold, and I was second and sometimes third if you include my husband.

Year 2 of motherhood came, and I said EFF THIS I need to find myself again.

Who the hell is Megan? Is she a mother and only a mother? Or can she be both?

I went with both.

I missed putting on lipstick, washing my hair, and buying clothes to make me feel like I was the old me.

I missed having my outlets, working out, and separating me from my family.

I missed working and having conversations with adults and not always talking about Curious George and playing blocks.

I need to feel and be ME again, and so do you?

So a couple of months ago, I decided to take a leap. I started getting ready more days, shopping more, working out more, and taking the time to be ALONE.

Then, I took a bigger step and started working on a new project. A project I have been brewing in my head for awhile.

Being an entrepreneur has been in my blood all my life. I had a babysitting service in my younger days, a shoe store in my twenties, and wedding planner in my early thirties.

What’s next you ask–The Mom Capsule.

A clothing website for moms. Us moms are busy, can’t shop with kids crawling all over us, & let’s be honest some of us don’t know how to get out of our yoga pants.

I decided to end the shopping wars with our kids and build a clothing capsule to fit the new mommy body we all have now.

I have teamed up with a mommy friend, and we are working our tails off to go live this FALL.

These clothes will be all the essentials you need in your closet, plus we will have a little section to help your refresh your closet.

To wrap this up….

Don’t let motherhood take over who YOU are. Make time for yourself, jump into that new project, put yourself in a shower and feel you again, and your kids will love you no matter if you spent 30 fewer minutes with them.

Don’t FEAR the unknown, and EMBRACE the unknown.

Come follow along with me on my new adventure and check out my squares of my new role— #momprenuer.




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