What Most Men Really Care About On Father’s Day!

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All week I have been racking my brain on what to get my husband for Father’s Day. The only thing that comes to mind is that he owns everything he would ever want. You know why?

Men see it, and then they buy it. They don’t overthink it or wonder if they should or if us wives will get mad. Nope. They just buy the damn thing. End of story. No guilt and plain and simply most of them deserve it.

My husband works hard for us, and he brings in the dough for our family. Every fishing pole, surfboard, fishing trip, and any toy he owns is well deserved in my eyes.

So then I think I will do everything that day for him, so he doesn’t have to lay a finger.

I mean on Mother’s day he made sure to watch the kids while I got dressed and took a shower ( 5 minutes in Anniston fell off a rocking horse and hit her chin) but that’s beside the point, and the thought counts. He took me to my favorite farmers market and bought me flowers. We went out to eat. I got a massage. I got the day off.

But I love my husband don’t get me wrong. BUT let’s be honest and tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He get’s a day off most days from the daily duties in our household.

IMG_9589His Sunday will not include the following:

Having to cook, clean, vacuum, laundry, sweep, clean counters, wash dishes, pick up messes, and grocery shop would not be his daily duties.

His special day is going to be like any other day for him.

He will get to sleep in and not have to wake up with a crying toddler and sit on the couch at 6 am to watch cartoons.

He will get to enjoy his HOT cup of coffee while enjoying the news or scrolling on his phone.

He will get to jump in his car kidless and not have to buckle a toddler who will not sit down in their seat, and it takes 15 extra minutes to get out the door.

He will get to drive and not hear screams, throwing shoes and almost hit your head, and wanting snacks while you are trying to change lanes on the freeway.

He will not have to cook because he just goes to pick up food and not have to chase a kid all while trying to get a bite of a sandwich.

He will not have to fold every damn clothing in the dryer and then walk his ass upstairs to put it away.

He will not have to wipe butts, potty train, or change diapers.

He will not have to wait for every family member while making dinner and hearing the requests. To then eat a cold meal.

He doesn’t have to pick up every sock or clothing that is left behind.

He can enjoy his dinner being cooked for him, and he will not have to lay a finger doing housework.

But, all of those things are my job, and I’m happy to do them. I take my job seriously and let’s be honest I do my job well. He does his job well.

Now Monday- Friday this man is on his phone making the mula and bringing home the bacon. He lives and breathes taking care of ALL of our needs. We come first in his eyes.

Truth be told he could give two shits about a special day or if we did anything. He just wants to be with us. We could go to the beach, sit in our backyard and bbq, or jump on our bikes for a bike ride.

Image-132He has NO expectations. The kids could be jumping on his back, and he wouldn’t give to eff’s about it.

He doesn’t expect much.

So even though your hubby may have everything, and giving him a day off is hard to do, & you can’t think of what to do.

Don’t overthink and just plan on being together as a family. The family is everything & show your man your appreciation.

He just wants to know you appreciate what he DOES do and not what he DOESN’T do.

Let’s not bash our husbands on social media today or talk shit on the phone to our girlfriends. Praise those hard working men.

Happy Father’s Day!

  • Chelsea Britton
    June 15, 2016

    I agree completely! I was happy to share my ideas of what I wanted to do on Mother’s Day…. He is happy to do whatever! Oh the “jobs” we both have as earners of money and earners of kisses & wrinkles! Thank you~

    • Mama Megan
      June 15, 2016

      You got that right!!:)

  • Gloryanna
    June 15, 2016

    YES!!! So true!! My husband could careless ablut “special treatmeant” but likes to just hangout with the family! I am good at what I do at home and he works hard for us. Just like you said–he likes to be appreciated for his work and that’s a great reminder for me! Loved this one!

    • Mama Megan
      June 15, 2016

      Thank you:)

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