A Little Motivation For Your Monday

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Remember the days when you lay in bed at 2 am with a baby sucking on your boob? Or when you would be up until 11 pm with a baby that was wide awake, because they don’t know the difference between daylight and night time?

Oh, do I remember. I remember wanting to be out of those days.

I remember peeing myself the first night I came home from the hospital after having Anniston. Yes, you read that right. I couldn’t hold my pee, oh maybe because I just pushed a 7-pound baby out of my womanly parts the day before. I walked into the bathroom with warm pee rolling down my leg, a newborn baby in one arm and my tired body trying to clean up the mess.

All of these memories are just in my head floating around taking space. But when I was in those memories, I wanted to move forward faster and faster. Every time I hit a month, I wanted the next month to come sooner.

I wanted her to sit up, crawl, walk, and talk. I wanted to count the days until the next milestone. Why do you ask?

In my head, I wanted to enjoy her, and I thought enjoying her would be more fun to have her take part in the joy. Hope that makes sense.

When she would sit up, we would rejoice. Then the next milestone would be more fun than the last.

So now she’s almost two-year-old. She sits up, crawls, walks, and now is starting to talk.

I finally feel like I don’t want to count the days anymore. STOP, I don’t want the days to keep moving. I want to sit in this corner and hold her tight and just take in all these crazy days. I will take the toddler meltdowns, her cute little voice, and her adorable new discoveries.

So I’m going to start making the days count. Not that I didn’t before. But I was in a fog of new motherhood. I’m out of the fog, and I’m the mother with a camera in my kids faces, so I don’t forget a thing. Not one thing.

I want to make everything count. And I mean everything.

So stop counting your days, and make your days count. Whether you had a bad day, let that day go and move on the next day.

If you are feeling crappy one day, wrap your arms around your little. If you feel down, just look at them, and you will feel ok. If you feel mad, just go out and play with them.

Don’t let the outside world make up your inner world. Motherhood. It’s your world, so rock it how you want to rock it.

Every day counts, don’t forget.

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