Life With A Traveling Spouse!

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Writing this blog has been so hard for me. I wanted it to be this helpful informative piece that showed us stay-at-home parents we are almighty and we rock! But it turned into something slightly different.

My heart always breaks for my bearded man when he boards his flight to wherever he has to go for work. He hates leaving his family and gosh do we miss him while he is gone. Being the spouse that travels for work is awful! And being the spouse who stays behind is pretty lonely. So who has it worse? I have no idea. I do know the major thing that makes it really hard.

The hardest thing about having a traveling spouse is the transition. No matter how long they are gone you have to create a routine without them. When they end up coming home your routine is a mess and they don’t understand said routine. So what do you do?

IMG_5889My 5 tips for a successful return home:

1. Make a sign or write a letter from the kids and you; for the other parent to read when they return. It is amazing to feel loved and wanted.

2. Do whatever you can to pick them up at the airport or be home when they walk in the door. Being away for awhile can leave a bit a doubt; reassure them with your presence.

3. Continue your routine without your spouse the first day they return. Not only is there most likely a time change adjustment for them but there is a huge environment change. No matter how hard it is just give them that time to adjust. It will make life easier in the long run.

4. Invite them for all activities but do not expect or tell the kids they may come. Don’t set yourself up for a million questions or sad faces.

5. Lastly, love them in all the ways you can. Intimacy is necessary for couples! Happy spouses make happy parents which make happy kids.

I hope we don’t have any more overseas travel soon for bearded man but if we do I’ll use these same tactics and hopefully he always knows how much we love him and how much we need him.

Do you have any trusted tips to get through time apart?!?

Good luck with your traveling spouse!

Written by: Ashleigh Mueller

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