Why I’m Excited For Summer Break!

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Trust me I have my worries that summer break will bring me nothing but “I’m bored” and “there is nothing to do” from time to time.

We don’t have a summer camp planned, a vacation in the books, or play dates on the calendar.

We are winging it this summer. Like, we are hoping shit falls from the sky and on my plate of things to do this summer. I have no clue what the hell my 8 year old child will be doing but all I know is what I won’t be doing.

I’m soooo excited to not have to have a time to wake up.

First-I can sleep in and not feel guilty about doing it. Of course that’s if my toddler allows me to do it.  9-10 times my 8 year old  & toddler are up early only because they don’t have to be anywhere. Don’t kids always do this on weekends?

Second-I can actually enjoy my coffee without being rushed around in the morning.That’s huge for me. To sip and not gulp, and maybe just maybe I will have more than one cup.

Third-not to make lunches has me all giddy inside. I’m so sick of having to warm up a flour tortilla and roll it up with turkey 5 days a week. Yes, my child eats the same damn thing everyday and it’s all his choice. But, I don’t want to have to get off my ass to do it. I get to sit down and sip my coffee and not wait for it to get cold. Shit I’m excited just thinking about it & not drinking cold coffee.

Fourth-I can live at the beach for 2 months. I’m only a good mom if I plan stuff, right?. So the plan is we are going to the beach and if you don’t recognize me by August it’s because I’m going to be so tan that my skin will be golden brown and I may look a few pounds lighter. Hopefully.

Fifth-I can fly by the seat of my pants. Who wants to get in the car and go to the zoo this morning? Let’s do it. Who want’s to go to the water park? Get in the car. We can do whatever we want because we don’t have to be at one place for 8am-2:45pm for 2 months. Hell yeah!

Sixth- I don’t have to pick someone up in the middle of the day. Do you know who much that inconviences my husband and I? Isn’t it always right when you have to be somewhere or your other child is napping etc. We juggle the pickup every week. 2:45pm can kiss my ass for 2 months.

Seventh-I will hear less whining in the morning. I will not have to hear “I don’t want to go to school”. Yes, I can finally reply, that he doesn’t have to go. Yippee, mornings will be a breeze. A little cartoons, cereal, and lot’s of snuggle time. Sounds good to me!

Eighth- I don’t have to wash uniforms for 2 months. Every week it’s my job to have 5 uniforms nicely cleaned and hung in a closet. Let me tell you if you don’t have to do it, be lucky. Every week it’s a struggle and some weeks I may or may not forget. Guess who’s doing laundry at 9pm at night while watching TV most weeks? ME. Not anymore. I get a break.

Ninth- I get two months of my sanity back. I don’t have to drive in a crowded parking lot, that has parking spaces that should only fit a Toyota Pruis. You have to get there 45 minutes early just to park close to the school & you hope to goodness it only takes you 10 minutes to get out of the dungeon. Amen, to no kid and parent invested parking lots for 2 months!

Tenth- Homework. I don’t have to do math, religion, and spelling for 2 months. Yes I have homework just has much as my second grader. I struggle and sometimes I feel like I’m back in school. I don’t have to hear the whines, and “I don’t get it” or “this is tooo hard”. I can have my 3pm-4pm back and hopefully instead of the cry’s I will hear nothing but joy coming out of his mouth.

Bottom line is I get my day’s back for 2 months. Pray we find shit to do, or else I will be pushing my kid out the door come August. But, I’m excited to spend days at the beach, riding bikes, parks, and much needed family time. Mama needs a school break just as much as her kid.

Cheers to summer!


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  • Sara
    June 6, 2016

    I couldn’t relate anymore!! I can’t wait for school to be out! I also don’t have any camps or vacations planned. I’m winging it!

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