A Mother’s Ballad

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Mama Natalie sent this ballad to me and I had to share. Her sweet words resignated with me and I’m sure you will feel the same.





A Mother’s Ballad

I write, I write by candlelight
I sing below the moon
Absorb, absorb the light of day
I watch your nature bloom

Your head springs up at new days dawn
You’re quick from left to right
I watch, I learn, I try and fail
To steer your hastened flight

The mud trails up the ceilings
And the chalk marks down the hall
Over and under I wipe and sweep
I trip on bouncy balls

I speak, I yell, I go un-heard
I’m quickly growing old
You run, you play, I catch my breath
Pray do as you are told

Explore through every avenue
Ask questions every hour
One minute blocks are flying
And the next they form a tower

Lax as I am, frustration
sometimes shows upon my face
I hide, you seek, you pry it out
Our funny little chase

Though every error stabs my heart
And soaks your yearning eyes
Another phase, a lesson learned
Transition in disguise

When tired eyes will finally coax
A pillow to your head
You sleep, you snore, you dream some more
I lie awake in bed

If dragon dreams cause bedtime screams
I’m there at your bed side
I hug, I shush, I hold you close
You cuddle up and hide

I write, I write by candlelight
Song lyrics taught by you
Become, become your one true self

Become the purest you

Written by: Natalie Sustaire

Twitter: NatySuandCo
Instagram: @miss_natysu
Snap Chat: NatySu
Pinterest: Natalie Sustaire @natysu
Facebook: Natalie Sustaire

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