Mama’s Turn to Whine – Taco Night & Pinot Gris

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The evening began to unfold just like any other, race home from work, scoop up the 9 year old and rush him off to soccer practice. Drop him off and run back home to relieve Grandma from watching the 2 year old (who was still napping).

Upon the 2 year old waking up, drive back up to soccer practice (which I thought was an hour long) to find out that it was only 30 minutes so the 9 year old has been hanging out at the soccer center for 30 minutes BORED.

Drive back home with the boys giggling in the back seat, which quickly turns to screeching and yelling. Get in the house, start dinner…taco night!

So what pairs nicely with tacos? Anything! I grab the first screw top bottle I can find (because fuck if I’m going to take the extra 30 seconds to pull a cork) and pour my glass.

The bottle I grab is a Pinot Gris from a local winery, Youngberg Hill (winery approved tasting & pairing notes below). Tacos and Pinot Gris…perfection!

Enjoying the first few sips, I discover it has a wonderfully rich, smooth and buttery flavor. I can pick up on the bright, sour fruits of lemon and pear.

I couldn’t have picked a better bottle for this evening as it pairs nicely with the spicy, sassy attitude I’m getting from the 9 year old when I tell him he can’t have the iPad while he takes a shower.

As the first glass is finished and the second is on its way into my cup, I notice the subtle hints of apricot and oak are a wonderful compliment to my hubster’s rage as he frantically tries to put up new door trim…which, just like anything with this house, doesn’t fit.

The higher acidity of the wine lends itself to numbing my sense of smell which works in my favor as I strip off a blow-out diaper from the 2 year old and make my way to his first bath of the week.

With the 9 year old off to his dad’s house, the 2 year old tucked away in bed (I have no fucking clue where the dog is) and the hubster calming down in our one and only bathroom, I reflect on this evening and this lovely bottle of 2014 Aspen Pinot Gris.

Final Thoughts: Highly recommend! 4 out of 5 stars. At the end of the night it even brought the boy to my yard. 
YH-Offerings300dpiPhoto from
2014 Aspen Pinot Gris – Youngberg Hill

Tasting Notes: Bright fruit aromatics include lemon and orange, leading to a flavor palate of lemon, pear, apricot and tropical fruit. Its texture gives way to a wonderfully smooth and crisp finish that is easy to drink sitting out on the front deck. The higher acidity balances the higher than normal residual sugar.

Pairing Suggestions: This wine has excellent balance for drinking by itself at cool temperatures or with spicy Thai or Indian foods.

Written by: Mama Tara

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