I’m Learning That Being A Working Mother Is No Joke!

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Life has been a juggling act since the beginning of summer & in some way, I’m starting to enter the world of being a working mother. If you haven’t heard I’m starting a clothing website.

I just have to give a huge shout out to working mothers. I have had a taste, not a bite of what your life looks like and I’m in awe of EVERY single one of you.

If I could give you all high fives, I would. You are all the SHIT!

How do you do it? No seriously?


Multi tasking is an understatement. You are tasking all day ever day.

Let me tell you how I stepped into the working force lately.

A while back I was on a long weekend getaway with my family for my husbands 40th birthday. We rented a beach house to enjoy family time.

I bought a book called #Girlboss (must read) that I heard through social media that was supposed to help you light a fire under your ass.

I can honestly say that book worked me, and I got more than a fire under my ass. I got kicked and shoved into an idea that I made happen.

No joke, I read the book in three days. I haven’t done that in maybe 20 years. This book inspired me to the core. I had this passion inside of me for awhile but didn’t know where or what my next steps would be.

The idea of having a clothing website always floated in my head. But this started to become concrete. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

In between wiping asses, cooking dinner, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and bathing my kids I had an “aha” moment.

I had a moment that helped me to this idea.

Two weeks before reading the book I took Anniston shopping to TJ Max. I had in my head I would rush into the dressing room and try on a few things. Fast right? No problem, I will throw a fruit snack in her mouth, and I should have everything tried on before she’s done.

That 10-minute excursion turned into a 20 minute half naked mom trying to pull her toddler’s head out of the dressing room next to us. Yes, she got a vision of our dressing room neighbor.

Tiny fingers trying to open the dressing room door while my ass was sliding tight jeans on me and a shirt over my head.

Giving mom looks that didn’t seem to do the trick. Sweat was rolling off my forehead and at this point, I thought what did I do to deserve this?

I just wanted to buy an outfit for myself, so I felt better about “Me” and maybe just maybe I could walk out feeling high on life.

NO, it didn’t work that way. I left in distraught and decided getting out of there was more successful than trying to deal with a tired toddler that wasn’t messing around.

After 10 minutes of bribing and wrestling my toddler into her car seat to go home. I just sighed and thought to myself while staring at my steering wheel in my car “that was a bad, VERY bad idea” “What the hell was I thinking.”

Kind of like when you take your unruly kids to a restaurant and you decide that ordering take out is now your new normal.

Well, let’s just say online shopping is now my new standard. Or let’s be honest it should be EVERY mother’s new normal.

Fast forward two weeks later. I read #girlboss & I was now ready to take on the world. I would change the way us mothers’ shopped. Done with the horrid shopping trips of wrestling kids in a jail cell.

Let’s make shopping peaceful. Shit, you can shop with your glass of wine or even your HOT coffee. Put the kids to bed, have your comfy clothes on, and all you have to do physically is “click”.

I decided to put together clothing capsules for moms.

Simple essentials that will help you do less laundry. Assist you with outfits that are ready for you in your closet, and shop in one place rather than five places.

Coming this fall, we are sharing with you the new shopping routine. One click and you will have 12 pieces of clothing shipped to you. Open your box and you will have over 20 outfits to help you rock motherhood in every way.

Oh and let me not forget to mention to y’all. The clothes were shopped for “MOMS” in mind. The clothes will cover asses, boobs, and unwanted tummies. They will flatter EVERY body type, be comfy, and make you feel put together.

Look good at playdates, work, happy hour, date night, grocery shopping, errands, school pick up, and every aspect of your daily life.

I know I keep talking about my new project. But I’m pretty giddy inside to share it with all of you. Pretty safe to say you are all going to love the clothes.

Follow our journey to launch date: IG @themomcapsule

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