My 5 Favorites For Your Next Pool Or Beach Day!!

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Well, summer is coming to an end here soon, BOO!  The good news is, I live in Southern California, so we have many more months of sunshine and heat.

One thing about me, I hate the heat. I bitch and complain when I’m overheated or sweating profusely. Being sticky and beads of sweat rolling down my face isn’t a good look for this mama.

So when I get a chance to go to the beach or pool, you betcha I’m there. A couple of weeks ago we spent five days at the beach for surf camp for my stepson.

As nice as it sounds, it was a TON of work. Packing, making lunches and snacks, putting everything in and out of the car, kids covered in sand, and cleaning and more cleaning. Mind you it was five days straight and the sun took a beating on me.

I’m still sweeping sand out of my car and house. NEVERENDING.

Now Anniston starts swim lessons in a couple of weeks. The first time, and honestly I’m not looking forward to it. She has gone in and out of fear of the water. We are in that time where she’s fearful.

Of course, I mean this child gives me a hard time about everything and why wouldn’t she include swimming. Mind you, I swam my whole life and was on a swim team all through high school.

I will get her through this fear; it’s just going to be a whole lot of screaming and consoling.

Anywhoo, here’s a list of items that have saved me for me beach and pool days.

My Favorite Pool & Beach Gear


Finis contacted me awhile ago and wanted to send me over all their latest and greatest swim gear. I love teaming up with companies that are not only a great product but have a good cause behind them.

First off, the day the package came Anniston gravitated towards the goggles and had since been wearing them in and out of the pool. She LOVES them.


My stepson stole my daughter’s kick board they sent and had been using it all summer. It’s not too big, and it is bright yellow.

They also sent me an adorable swim cap that my little one will be using in the coming weeks for swim lessons.

TIP: I swam for years. My mom would put conditioner in my hair before we got in the pool. She would then put our swim cap on. The conditioner helps the chlorine not stick to any hair that is exposed. Most of the time I would take my swim cap off and dunk my head. A good tip for all those blondies out there.

FINIS also has an charitable program called So More Can Swim where they donate a percentage of goggle sales to non-profits helping to make swimming more accessible to underprivileged children. That sold me!! Check out them out>>>>>



Y’all this tent is amazing! It has been a life savor. It is easy to put up and put down (FYI, I had to watch a YouTube video on how to put it back together). But, other than that it has been great. It was on Amazon and was at my house in a jiffy. The link is above. Trust me it beats an umbrella that will blow over in the wind.


I think half of the beach had these chairs. Ummm they are at Costco every year. The BEST. Plus they have handles on the back to wear them like a backpack, one less thing to carry. We just bought them this year, and I know they will take us through a ton of summers. They are $39.99 each. I just checked, and they are out of stock online, but I would check your local Costco.


Every year I load up on new beach towels from Costco. They are thick and long. Last all summer through the roughness of boys, and washing a million times. Plus they don’t break the bank.


First off, I’m not paid to say this but I love this sunscreen.I have been searching the last couple of years for good sunscreen. I don’t want to mention names but a TON of baby sunscreens have not been good to my family. Burns, stinging eyes, and expensive. So I randomly bought Babyganics, and we are obessed. Not expensive ($12.99), thick and goes on smooth, plus doesn’t sting our eyes. You can pick this up pretty much anywhere. Also, comes in a stick form, but I haven’t tried that one yet.



Hope you are all having a great rest of your summer. I know, we are busy as ever and making time to save me from losing it. Tantrums, sand, sandy bums, sticky fingers, and beach days have filled our days. Sometimes I roll my eyes or sigh when a day is hard. But I can’t complain when I get to see my children happy and running around making memories.

What’s your favorite summer items?

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