Are You A #Girlboss? Learn Why You Are One.

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Holy shit I finished a book in a week. Y’all this is BIG! I haven’t finished a book in not months but YEARS.

In between naps, laundry, kids jumping on me, cartoons playing in the background, laying in bed with one eye open and the other reading, and my husband wondering what the hell this book is about. I finished all 237 pages in one week.

I was addicted to this book. It really got me excited and I coudn’t wait to sit down and read.

I skipped reality shows & instead I was sitting on the couch with my face in a book. Crazy but true.

Get on Amazon, walk into a Barnes and Nobles, or go to your nearest library. I’m not getting paid to say this; I’m telling you from one mom to another mom this book will inspire EVERYONE.

It’s for the mom that needs to go back to work after having a baby. For the mom that wants to get a new job, for the mom wanting to start something new, for any mom needing to feel inspired and that should be ALL of you.

Are you a #girlboss? Yes, you are one. Remember you are strong, you are the shit, and don’t give up on the daily basis.

We do everything with a baby on our hip, a baby on our boob, a toddler at our ankles, and a child asking the same question over and over in the background.

Sometimes we need a kick in the butt; we need to feel like we can do it all, and sometimes we need to get our shit in order and put our priorties straight. That means taking care of ourselves does fit in the everyday equation.

Here’s the short version of this book.

Sophia Amoruso is the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal. She started an eBay store at twenty-two years old and now owns a company that is worth 250 million plus. In this book, she speaks nothing but the truth, my kind of girl. She is bold, to the point, and gives fantastic advice.

Advice that we either should pay for or learn on our own. Here’s a quote from the book “There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure”. Ohhhh that just sings to my ears.

Hello….we all fail every day as either a mom, at work, in relationships, in friendships, and pretty much anything that is thrown at us in life.

Here’s a story for you: I opened my shoe boutique with one of my best friends at the young of 25 years old. I thought I was mature and wise to the say the least. In our heads we knew it all, and we wanted it all. It didn’t work out, but I did learn from EVERY mistake and trust me we made a TON.

Fast-forward to 10 years later, which is hard to swallow. I look back at the young girl that was me and see all the mistakes she did, and I only took those mistakes to where I am today.

I always tell people I learned more in those years of owning my own business than I did getting my four-year college degree.

So don’t look down on all the hardships in your life, or when you’re having a bad “mom” day just remember you are learning and shaping yourself to be a stronger and more bad ass mom.

So run out and read this book, and make yourself feel inspired. Get your ass in gear mama, and just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you can’t be a #Girlboss.

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