Mom Style, Or “My Style”

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Mom style or as I call it “my style.” I believe we all have our own style, but sometimes we forget we have style, and we turn to mom style. You know the easy yoga pants/big shirt outfit that takes no thought in the morning and no effort to put together. Believe me, that outfit is in my closet too, and I have days that outfit is the only outfit I want to wear.

But, lately I’m tired of that outfit, I want to feel whole again and just feel like a girly girl. Being tired or feeling run down does not feel good, and coffee can’t always make me feel better. So when I put together a quick cute outfit, and smear on some lipstick I swear it does wonder for me. It lifts my spirit, puts pep in my step, and I even feel like I’m in my 20’s for a few minutes (believe me reality does kick in).

So today I’m here to tell you or at least give you advice on how to put together a quick outfit without breaking the bank, or spending hours putting it together. If you know me, I LOVE jewelry. I have and always will love to wear jewelry, it’s my go-to accessory. I have a huge jewelry box in my closet; that is filled up with fun pieces. I have big, colorful, small, dainty, gold, silver, blue, purple, and pretty much anything that screams STATEMENT it’s in my box. I wear a piece of jewelry on a daily basis, whether it’s a necklace, earrings or bracelets. My go to outfit is a cute tank or t-shirt with a piece of jewelry, and a pair of jeans.


So I decided I needed some new pieces of jewelry, so I called on my girl (Mama) Stephanie, who is a stella & dot rep. I thought it would be fun to share with you, our playdate/ jewelry day.picstitch-27 She put together some of her favorite pieces, along with my plain white Target tank top. This is my idea of an easy outfit, with one solution jewelry. Put on a cute pair of shoes, and jeans and you have yourself a quick simple look. In these pictures I’m wearing a $10 white tank from Target, an old pair of my jeans, and the Stella and Dot necklace made the whole look.

Mind you, I may spend $50 on a necklace, but it will be in my jewelry box for years, and worn a million times. Check out the fun we had, and take notes on the pieces you like, we have a link below if you want to buy any of this cute jewelry. The best part of this jewelry is some of the pieces can pull apart so you can get three looks, with one necklace.

Don’t mind me in these pictures, but check out the adorable jewelry, I want them ALL.  If you want one or a few, here is the link  below to buy them all. Come on you know you want them.

                           Stella & Dot Link- 



  • Stephanie
    April 15, 2015

    So much fun yesterday! You are the cutest.

    • Mama Megan
      April 15, 2015

      Awww your so sweet! I had a blast trying on all the fun jewelry!

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