Baby and Hair Do Not Mix!!

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I’m serious, I learned fast after popping out a 7-pound baby that my hair was going to be my enemy. I was the product of beautiful curly luscious locks when I was nine months pregnant. I loved my hair and felt like being 30 pounds heavier some days was ok.

I mean I was having a good hair day most days, and it overrides my big round face. I look back at my pregnancy pictures and cringe at my body, but smile when I see my hair.

Fast forward, and six months into postpartum and I soon discovered my hair on every crevice of my house. You know it’s a problem when you’re embarrassed to have your cleaning lady over. I would see the pile of dirt she swept in my house, and 90% of the dirt was my effin hair. I wanted to die. My baby wore hair all over her clothes, and most days I walked out with hair on my clothes.

I always had so much hair, so I had room to lose some but how much was the question. When was the hair going to stop falling out? And when was I going to stop brushing it without clumps coming out like a cat that just licked up a hairball.

I have good news; it does stop, and now you entered a whole new ball game.

Regrowth is the second part of this horrible process you deal with in postpartum. Yay, it’s growing back, but nay because you have hairs sticking up all over your head and mostly around your hairline. You know the hairline everyone looks at, and the hair line I’m trying to flat iron everyday!

So I started just to give up on my hair, I was sick of working with it. I had curly hair my whole life, but it was now becoming unmanageable, like one big frizz ball. I tried cutting my hair, conditioning it, and using many products that cost me an arm and a leg.

If you never had curly hair, you can’t imagine the struggle we all got through. Right, mamas? The weather determines your hair days, and moisture is SO not our best friend. Some days I love my curly hair, and others I wish I was the lucky one to have straight hair. You can never appreciate my layers because you can’t see them. I will never be able to get an ombre because it would just look plain stupid. Flat ironing my hair can take over an hour. I can’t brush my hair, only comb it out in the shower.

Curly hair may look simple, but it comes along with it’s problems.

My sister was even noticing I wasn’t having good hair days and suggested I look into getting it under control. I knew if other people were noticing my problem, then I really had a problem.

IMG_9049I caved and walked my sorry ass into Michael Kelly Salon in Ventura (the bomb) and met my hair Goddess, Brianna (Red hair in picture). She was introduced to me by my brow queen, the one and only @vaginadesigner (brown hair in picture). Yes, you read that write, my eyebrow waxing lady is named the Vagina Designer (brilliant name) on Instagram and around town. So if you’re in the business to get your brows waxed or a bikini waxed, this lady is your lady!!

So her recommendation I knew would be the best, and she was right. The process took a couple of hours, and wah-la my hair was what I have always wanted! Brianna says the process closes the cuticle and calms the hair. My curly hair will never be straight without some work, but it will take minutes off my morning routine!

I will take it.

It will last around four months, so going a few times a year is SO worth it. I told Brianna after she was done, I felt prettier and thinner. Yes, you read that right.

Thanks to Brazilian Blowout I just lost 5 pounds, it’s worth every penny for this mama!! Save your pennies ladies!

  • Chelsea
    August 21, 2015

    Goodness do I relate to this post! It’s unbelievable! I enjoy reading your blog and am so happy I found it through your sister Lauren (used to work with her at) Cheers to us mommies!

    • Mama Megan
      August 25, 2015

      Oh so happy your enjoying the blog!! Yes cheers to us mommies:)

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